growing-and-developing-tree-in-hand-1We are a small team of passionate designers, programmers, website content writers and environmentalists. We all believe in the vision of a paperless office where we can help to save our forests from being decimated year after year but at the same time improve the daily working life of the businessmen and women of the world.

We know we cannot rid the world of paper overnight nor probably in any of our lifetimes but we can make a start to get rid of the stupid and ridiculous use of paper.

We believe there is no greater waste of our natural resources than when forests are decimated to make paper products that are pretty much useless except for the information they carry.

This information of course can be handled electronically more quickly and much more efficiently and distributed 1000 times more easily.

One such use of paper products is the paper business card whose sole purpose is to introduce the name of the person holding it and the contact information needed to get in touch.

That’s all it’s good for, but the paper business card is totally useless without the use of a phone. We decimate our forests to print paper cards so we can write out information on  pieces of paper in order to transfer that information to the phone.

We believe it’s about time we put the business card where it really belongs on the phone…. the only place where it can be useful?