No problem, we are hosting your card and it’s always available to you so just download the App to your new phone using the same “User Name” and “Password” and you are good to go immediately.

Yes of course you can change as often as want and whatever you want. You simply login in to our own admin site where your card is located and make the changes you want. In fact if you want the phone will inform every contact you have of the update and the changes you made automatically so nobody ever has out dated information.

Of course you can share with as many people as you would normally share emails and text with. It’s exactly the same procedure. The great advantage of Biznetcards is you don’t have to wait until you are together with your clients to share your cards, you can send your card across the room or across the world at the same time.

Biznetcards are made for today’s smartphone and are made to take advantage of tomorrow’s smarter phones. They will work on older phones but will be slower obviously because the processor in older phones are much slower and you also have smaller screens.

Sometimes your card can be slowed by poor Wi-Fi or 3G connections and then it gets stuck in cache memory on the phone. Just clear cache on your phone’s web browser, restart the App and your card will be superfast again. However, remember if you are in a poor Wi-Fi or 3G zone see above…“what happens if I don’t have internet”.

The wallet holds a very visual representation of the card to jog your memory as soon as you spot the logo of the company. It is a fantastic way of storing hundreds of business cards that otherwise would be cluttering up your desk and even worse would get lost just when you need them. The cards are added to the wallet in the same moment as you add the information to the contacts in your phone and just one finger touch does it all. The wallet of course is searchable by every means possible to help you find a card in seconds.

It’s a very simple one touch on the + button on the home screen icon and your done. However with Biznetcards you have a special wallet that stores all the cards you receive on your phone. This wallet has a very powerful search function so you can recall any card in seconds. You can recall only the contact information on the card or the whole card if you wish.

Your Biznercards can be shared using Wi-Fi or 3G and can be shared by text in an offline mode. If you have a weak signal area and you want to share your card simply turn off Wi-Fi and Cellular data. Your card is designed to open instantly in this mode and can be shared by texting it to whoever you want in whatever country you want.

You download the App to activate to make use of all the functions on your card so that you take advantage of the computing power of the phone using the native operating system to share and store your contacts.

It’s simple you have a number of choices, if you have a website just copy the logo on the site to your computer and then upload it to the logo maker in Biznetcards. Alternatively, you can get a Jpeg image from your printer or whoever made your website and upload that. If you are having problems with it we will be happy to do it for you.