What is the main purpose of a business card today?

Every businessperson calling on another businesses has to have a business card to introduce themselves and their company. Some people actually go to a lot of trouble to make their business card stand out in a crowded marketplace so that their potential clients will remember them. They choose everything from different shapes and colours to fancy fonts and double sided printing on their cards. It’s a shame really wasting all that time and energy and money printing up a piece of paper just so your customer or client can transfer that information to their phone contact list.

Crazy isn’t it? In this era of the smart phone revolution we actually still print up business cards and make the whole process of transferring that information to the phone such a laborious, time consuming job. That’s one of the main reasons why 85% of the cards you give out never ever make into the contact list of your potential client’s phone. Yes, that’s right up to 85% of the cards you give out are dumped in the wastepaper bin or they disappear into a large desk drawer never to be seen again. What a crazy waste of money, time and energy this is.

The fact that we are still using a paper business card in today’s modern world is pretty much an absurd concept. Even when your potential client does take the time to download the details of your business card into his phone the card then becomes useless and it’s dumped anyway. Doesn’t that means if a business card is used properly it has about a five-minute shelf life? Is it really worth decimating hundreds of millions of trees per year and going through all that paper making process, transportation costs, printing and design costs to write your name and few details on a piece of paper that’s good for about 5minutes or even worse it’s dumped straight in the bin without even using the information?

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