Meet The Team

David Kelly
David KellyCEO & Founder
  • David started his career in Engineering and has over 35 years sales experience working across more than 30 countries in many different industries and is fluent in 3 languages.
  • He has built a strong reputation in the UK catering and food industry as one of the leaders in the supply of environmental and energy saving refrigeration products to the catering industry.
  • A highly motivated and serial entrepreneur David is the founder and creator of Biznetcards and one his many passions is helping where possible to reduce wastage wherever that waste might be.
  • With this his latest business venture his motivation is to try and slow down the devastation of our natural forests where we loose over 23 billon trees annually and much of that making paper products that should really be obsolete by now.
Jason Hoad
Jason HoadSales Director
  • Having over 25 years of sales experience Jason has been involved in many business’s within the property, finance and technology sector.
  • His passion is looking at companies, start-ups or established business’s in distress, and taking them to new levels through restructure and deploying new methods of sales.
  • A self-driven individual with an extensive network of contacts in all disciplines of industry.
  • Jason’s work ethos is a simple one and that excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude and by employing the best people they will make that difference.
  • Outside of work Jason’s passion is his wife and four children whilst following his favourite rugby team, Harlequins.
Michael White
Michael WhiteOperations Director
  • Michael has more than 38 years of experience in the UK’s banking and financial Services sector.
  • He has been a senior level professional experienced as a director of specialist financial services companies.
  • Extensive knowledge in building and operating companies anything from start-ups or Plc’s having a proven history of productivity success.
  • Michael is a recognised leader and mentor with a proven track record of successfully directing change in terms of systems and people.
  • Michael’s pastime outside of work is very much family focused along with being a keen follower of Chelsea FC
Dennis Turbo Arguelles
Dennis Turbo ArguellesSenior Programmer
  • Dennis is our senior programmer and has a passion for creating quality software with a focus on usability and serving the customers’ needs.
  • He holds a degree in Computer Science and has many years of experience in desktop and web application development as well as back-end server development.
  • His skill set is truly excellent using a very broad range of programming languages.
  • He has for a number of years now specialized in the development of Mobile Applications across multiple platforms but more especially concentrating on IOS and Android development.
Joe Gera
Joe GeraSenior Designer
  • Joe is a senior web designer with Biznetcards. He brings a unique combination of design skills to the team.
  • His background includes vast experience in image manipulation for advertising agencies, corporate website design and building app user interface (UI).
  • He holds a degree in the Arts from Budapest Contemporary Art University.
  • His special skills and broad range of knowledge includes not the least day to day problem solving, and is an expert in server administration, technical IT support.
Carlos Jose Aguinaldo
Carlos Jose AguinaldoCustomer Support
  • Is our shy junior programmer and graphic designer working under the supervision of Dennis.
  • Carlos loves to design our Biznetcard templates and programme in HTML assisting Joe in building our websites.
  • Carlos is also moving more into mobile app development under the watchful eye of Dennis and is fast becoming a valuable member of our team.